What is Rigitone

The comprehensive Rigitone range from Rigips comprises high-quality acoustic perforated boards made from gypsum, which is a natural raw material. This range enables the creation of jointless ceiling systems with harmonious and architecturally appealing ceiling patterns, and outstanding acoustic properties. Why not take a look at the wide range available.

Rigitone Activ’Air

boards are premium-quality perforated plasterboards with detailed designs which combine function and aesthetics: In addition to their wide range of perforation patterns, Rigitone Activ’Air boards also demonstrate optimum acoustic properties, particularly in the frequency range of the human voice. All Rigitone Activ’Air boards also include a premium air cleaning power as standard, ensuring the sustainable reduction of formaldehyde.

Rigitone Climafit

are graphite-modified perforated plasterboards with outstanding thermal conductivity of  0.52 W/(m • K). They are used as high-performance paneling for modern temperature control systems such as heating or cooling ceilings. The innovative combination of gypsum – an attractive material for interior use - and highly thermally conductive graphite ensure efficient temperature control and thus an ideal and natural indoor climate. Rigitone Climafit boards are available in a total of eleven different perforation designs.

Rigitone Clima Top Activ’Air

are perforated plasterboards which, in addition to air cleaning power as standard, also offer improved thermal conductivity. This makes them suitable for the paneling of cooling/heating systems in walls and ceilings, and allows gentle climate control in rooms. Architects and planners can select from a wide variety of different perforation patterns across the entire Rigips offering. The range comprises designs with regular or regularly staggered round perforations, irregular scattered perforations and regular square perforations.