Numerous reference projects reflect the broad spectrum of Rigips acoustic ceiling systems which can be used e.g. in a variety of educational (schools, universities, etc.), administrative and cultural buildings (museums, concert halls, etc.), leisure facilities – such as sports centres, cinemas or youth centres – and public buildings such as shopping centres, galleries, public health facilities, airports and railway stations, as well as in residential construction.

Atrium at the Helmholtz Centre, Braunschweig
Rigitone 10/23

Burgwiese school, Oberursel
Rigitone 8/18 Q

Orthodontic practice, Montabaur
Rigitone 8-15-20 super

Free evangelical church, Bonn
Rigitone 15/30

Café & restaurant "Der kleine Prinz", Duisburg
Rigitone 8-15-20

Co-operative bank, Stadthagen
Rigitone 8/18

Kronthal school, Kronberg
Rigitone Clima Top Air 8/18

Rheinzink GmbH & Co. KG, Datteln
Rigitone with an acoustic plaster coating

Conference room in the Kreishaus building, Marburg
Rigitone 8-15-20