Temperature control ceilings: Cooling and heating systems

Radiant cooling and heating systems offer the ideal combination of comfort and cost-effectiveness. They ensure a constant room temperature throughout the year. As they operate on the radiant principle, they heat and cool rooms gently. They are extremely efficient, save space and have many other advantages such as:

  • No disruptive operating noises
  • No air disturbance
  • No unpleasant draughts
  • No spreading of dust particles and bacteria

They offer the benefit of low flow temperatures, e.g. if a temperature-control ceiling is used for heating, flow temperatures of approx. 30 °C are sufficient and if it is used as a cooling ceiling, the desired effect can already be achieved at temperatures of approx. 16 °C. These low flow temperatures enable the use of alternative, eco-friendly energy sources such as heat pumps, solar systems, etc.

The effectiveness of temperature-control ceilings is strongly dependent on their panelling. The more efficiently the generated heat or coldness is transmitted, the less energy and material needs to be used to achieve a specific temperature effect.