This website "" (hereinafter "website") and all sub-domains belonging to this domain are provided and maintained by us, Saint-Gobain Rigips GmbH (see site information/legal disclosure - hereinafter "Saint-Gobain Rigips"). The aim of this homepage is to provide comprehensive information about Saint-Gobain Rigips, as well as the international Saint-Gobain group, and the products it manufactures and sells, plus other services offered. In accordance with our accreditation, we also offer businesses in the meaning of the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch - HGB) the opportunity to order certain products on the Internet via our Rigips online ordering system (hereinafter "Rigips Shop"). The following terms and conditions of use are aimed at ensuring that the website is a secure location for all users. They serve to promote this trust and describe the conditions under which you can use the website. We explicitly reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of use set out below at any time and without stating any reasons. We shall inform you of all changes to the legal notes in an appropriate way - namely by indicating the date of the current version of these terms and conditions of use in the header.

1. Scope of the terms and conditions of use, general terms and conditions  

1.1 By using our website, i.e. by accessing and browsing our website, you agree to the terms and conditions of use formulated here without restriction or qualification. The current version of our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Payment also apply accordingly. Regulations varying from these terms and conditions of use shall only apply if confirmed in writing by us. In particular, your general terms and conditions shall not apply.

1.2 If you do not agree to our terms and conditions of use, you are not permitted to use our website and should terminate your session immediately. If you have any questions relating to our terms and conditions of use to which you cannot find an answer here on our website, please mail us at:

1.3 These terms and conditions of use apply solely for our website. Insofar as users can access other websites, e.g. belonging to the international Saint-Gobain group, from this site by means of a link, the terms and conditions of use of those websites - which can be accessed on those sites - shall apply exclusively.

2. Usage license

2.1 Our website may be used by all competent natural persons and legal entities.  

2.2 Nevertheless, we explicitly point out that, unless otherwise stated, all our publications (with the exception of the DIY section) are generally aimed at experts, i.e. at craftspeople, architects, tradespeople and similar.

2.3 With the exception of our Rigips Shop, no registration is required to use our website and we shall not charge any costs in connection with use.

2.4 No entitlement to use our website may be deemed to exist. The website may be wholly or partially unavailable on a temporary basis in particular due to revision, maintenance work, disruptions to the connection and similar, without any entitlement to assert claims against us arising. 

3. Content and information, links, property, liability  

3.1 Our website has been prepared with great care and attention. We have in particular taken care to ensure that all details and other information contained in it are complete, correct and up-to-date. Nevertheless, the statements are merely general and not tailored to specific cases and in particular individual applications; they shall not apply in cases of doubt. In such cases, you must obtain further information. All dimension information is approximate. We shall therefore only assume any liability for the content of the website within the framework of Section 4. "Technical consulting, training, etc." and Section 10. "Our liability and its limitations" of our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Payment. You should therefore not act or refrain from acting on the basis of the content and information on our website. You should contact us directly if any of the content or information is unclear. We shall then provide you with further information and/or other assistance. You can send queries directly to us at:

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3.2 In the event of doubt, all content and information on our website are either our intellectual property or that of third parties who have granted us permission to use the content or information. All data, information and other material on this website such as symbols/images, illustrations, product descriptions, products, manufacturing processes and brands are generally protected by copyrights, trademark/patent rights and/or other rights, and are exclusively our property or that of third parties who have granted us a license to use them. Any duplication or use of this content and information or parts thereof is permitted solely for personal purposes and not commercial purposes. No license for the duplication or use of the content and information shall be granted for any purpose other than simple web browsing. If you duplicate any part of the content for personal, i.e. in particular non-commercial purposes, you must quote us as the source by making reference to our website and including the copyright notice "© Saint-Gobain Rigips" on the copies.  

3.3 Insofar as you download content or available software from our website, you should take all necessary precautions to ensure that the content and software are free of viruses and cannot disrupt or damage the functionality of your computer in any way. You should also take care to ensure that the downloaded software is compatible with the software you use. The details of the terms and conditions for use of the software can be found in the individual software license agreements which must be accepted separately before downloading the software.

3.4 Insofar as you use the planning and calculation tools on our website, such as the room acoustics or sound insulation calculators, we shall assume no liability for the correctness of the results obtained as these calculations are based solely on data entered by you, which we cannot ensure are correct.

3.5 When using links on our website which access other websites, you should bear in mind that you will leave our website by clicking on such a link. The website accessed by clicking on the link is independent from our website and therefore not subject to our control. These links merely represent a means to access external content. We shall assume no liability for the content of these other websites by providing links to them; we expressly exclude compensation claims for any damage resulting from accessing and browsing such websites or using the content thereof. Insofar as we become aware that other websites to which we have created links violate applicable law, we shall - following a review of the facts and legal situation - remove the corresponding link as quickly as possible. If you have accessed our website via a link from another website, we have - unless explicitly stated otherwise - approved neither the link nor the content of this other website. In the event of doubt, it is generally the case that no contractual or other links exist between us and the owner of the other website.

4. Final provisions

4.1 German law shall apply for these terms and conditions of use without recourse to the UN CISG.

4.2 Insofar as individual provisions of these terms and conditions of use are or become invalid in whole or in part, the other provisions shall remain unaffected. Invalid provisions shall be deemed to be replaced by a valid provision which most closely pursues the commercial aim and purpose intended by the invalid provision. The same shall apply for any loopholes.