Room acoustics solutions from Rigips

The term "room acoustics" describes the propagation of sound in a room and is one of its key quality features. Many people suffer from the effects of poor room acoustics, which are often linked to the reverberance in the room.

Poor room acoustics quickly lead to fatigue or an inability to retain information from important texts. In other words, a person's performance levels are severely impacted in rooms with unfavourable acoustics.

The oldest and most well-known criterion for room acoustics is reverberation time. Reverberation time expresses in numbers the length of time a sound lingers in a room after the source of the sound has been silenced. The longer the reverberation time, the longer the sound can be heard in the room - the room echoes. If it is too short, the room is excessively insulated and we cannot hear the sound clearly enough.

The reverberation time of a room is largely influenced by its geometric design, and the selection and positioning of sound-absorbing and sound reflecting surfaces.