Rigitone Activ’Air: Good room acoustics, healthy room climate, great design

Good room acoustics and healthy air are critically important for people‘s wellbeing. All the more so when you consider that we spend up to 90% of our time in enclosed spaces – whether at home, in the office, at kindergarten or school, in auditoriums or leisure facilities such as sports clubs.
While we can clearly perceive good and bad room acoustics, we are often exposed to invisible pollutants, e.g. through vapours from carpets and other floor coverings, paints or adhesives, without realising it. Air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can impact our wellbeing and significantly damage our health.

60% less formaldehyde

Such VOCs, in particular formaldehyde, can be immediately – and most importantly – permanently removed from room air by the new Rigitone Activ’Air acoustic boards. Thanks to their unique active agent, Rigitone Activ’Air boards can permanently reduce formaldehyde by 60%. A lasting effect which consistently ensures very good room air and thus greater wellbeing. And last but not least, the attractive perforation design makes them real eye-catchers. Wherever they are installed.

room climate
  • Permanently removes 60% of formaldehyde from room air
  • Excellent room acoustics properties
design freedom
  • Jointless ceiling appearance
  • Wide range of ceiling designs with different perforations
  • Sustainability