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Rigips Ready Mix Set

  • For the Rigitone Joint Filling Technique with Rigitone Mix
  • For the Rigitone Adhesive Joint Technique


Rigitone Joint Filling Set

  • For the Rigitone Joint Filling Technique with Vario Joint filler

Rigitone Inspection Hatches

  • Inspection hatches are integrated into suspended ceilings to allow service and maintenance work on the installations in the space above. These hatches can now be realised without any imperfections in appearance – with Rigitone inspection hatches you can ensure a flawless perforated ceiling pattern. Rigips offers a range of inspection hatches in various sizes and selected ceiling designs for flush-mounted installation. The well thought-out system makes these prefabricated inspection hatches easy and cost effective to install and maintains the high design quality of rooms with continuously perforated ceilings. The inside covers of the inspection hatches come in various designs and accurate installation is facilitated by fitting bolts, which ensure the perfect alignment of the hatches. The results are impressive. See for yourself.

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  • Rigitone Activ’Air
  • Rigitone ClimaTop Activ’Air
  • Rigitone Climafit
  • Rigitone for Acousticplaster

Regular round perforation


6 / 18 R
12.5 × 1,188 × 1,998 mm
Perforated area: 8.7 %


8 / 18 R
12.5 × 1,188 × 1,998 mm
Perforated area: 15.5 %


12-20-35 R
12.5 × 1,200 × 2,000 mm
Perforated area: 11.0 %